The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

There were two men walking home from Jerusalem. Jesus appeared to these two men, they were followers of Jesus. They did not recognize him, Jesus walked a while with them and spoke to them. Later these men asked Jesus if He would eat with them. They sat down and Jesus blessed the bread and broke it, and immediately the two men knew who he was.

In a flash Jesus vanished. You can image their faces when this happened. They got up and rushed back to Jerusalem, to tell all of their friends and family what had happened. As the men were telling their story, suddenly Jesus appeared to them all, saying, “Peace be with you.” Fright entered all the disciples, as they thought they were seeing a ghost. Jesus went closer with his hands stretched out and said “See and touch my hands and feet, “Showing them the nail marks in his hands and feet. “Ghosts are not made of flesh and blood. “Jesus ate with them that night, just image how excited they all were to have Jesus back, the one that was risen from the dead.

One of the disciples named Thomas wasn’t there that night. The disciples told him what had happened the night before, he did not believe them. “Unless I see and touch the wounds myself, “he said, “I will not believe it.” A week later, Thomas’s doubts vanished. Jesus appeared to them all together.

The next time Jesus appeared was in Galilee. The disciples went fishing and all night they caught nothing, in the morning a man called to them from the shore. The man said” Throw out your nets on the right, you will make a catch.” It was Jesus who spoke to them. And he was right, there nets were full of fish. They ate breakfast, fish and bread with him on the shore. Jesus asked Peter three times, Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter replied three times” You know I do.” Peter knew that Jesus had forgiven him. Jesus told Peter “Then look after my sheep, meaning go forth and spread the truth (meaning the word of God.)

Questions and Answers.

Q  The disciples thought they saw a ghost, who do you think it was.?


Q  What was the name of the disciple that did not believe, when they told him that they saw Jesus.?

A Thomas.

Q  Someone at the shore told Peter to throw their nets on the right hand side of the boats, what was his name?

A  Jesus.

Q Who did Jesus asked, “Do you love me?”

A  Peter.

Meaning of the words.

Followers – To follow someone

Appeared – Came visible or into sight.

Vanished – Disappear suddenly.


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The Verses of the day.

Luke 24:37

They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost.

Luke 24:38

He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?

Luke 24:39

 Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”


You will find the story in the following books of the Bible.

Matthew 28 ; Mark 16 ; Luke 24 and John 20 - 21

resurrection of jesus coloring pages
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The Moral of the story.

Jesus taught his disciples how to be shepherds, Jesus was and is the perfect Shepherd that is why Jesus asked Peter to go forth and to teach others to also be shepherds.

Jesus spoke to all his disciples and anointed them for the work that lay ahead of them. In the story line they caught many fish that day, which means let us all be fishermen for Jesus. Peter and the disciples started catching “Souls for Jesus”. That is also what we must do, He will make us fishers of men.

Coloring pictures ~ The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

jesus's hands after crucifixion,jesus shows disciples of marks of hands,sunday school ideas,coloring pictures
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jesus meets followers for christ,coloring pages
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Jesus speaks to his disciples coloring pages, resurrection of jesus christ
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Craft ~ The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

fish craft, fishing for jesus craft, the resurrection of jesus craft
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fishers of men craft
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Materials needed.

Plans on website, scissors, pen, colored cardboard paper, pritt glue, sasartie stick, polystyrene blocks, colored markers and string.

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