The Goliath in you

We live in a world without Jesus some days, we are inclined to be selfish and self-centered, to be envious of others, to be rebellious to God, having no confidence in ourselves.

But when we give our heart, mind and soul to God, we get committed into the word of God and become more like Jesus. 

We can let the Goliath that is in ourselves die and then we see the nine fruits of the spirit take over in our lives, which is: kindness, gentleness, love, joy, patience, peace, faithfulness, gladness and self control. 

All the things that you had when serving the world dies and we become new creations in Christ Jesus .Philippians 4: 8 

Think about things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report.

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About Our Lessons

Dear Sunday school partners, all around the world. Please refer to your Bible and compare to see if you agree with our children Sunday school lessons. 

The stories are not word for word out of the Bible, they are created from my own thoughts. I am only human, so please check the stories out first before using them. 

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