Sunday School Teachers Have Fun!

The reason for me doing this website, is to help Sunday school teachers regain the fun and also to spread the word.

I discovered that there was not much creativity, for most children in Sunday schools. So with Gods help, I believe that we can make a difference as Sunday school teachers.

Our kids must look forward to Sunday school. Have fun with God’s little children and this will be a blessing to all.

My prayer

"Thank you for giving me the capability to do your work my Lord, I trust and believe that You will help me do my work well. Amen."

About Our Lessons

Dear Sunday school partners, all around the world. Please refer to your Bible and compare to see if you agree with our children Sunday school lessons. 

The stories are not word for word out of the Bible, they are created from my own thoughts. I am only human, so please check the stories out first before using them. 

These stories are based on easy words for children to understand, and my own thoughts. You are welcome to use your Bible to add or take away. At the bottom, there is space for you to give input and comments on the subjects. You are all welcome. We are there to make a difference in a child’s life so please come and let us work together for God’s kingdom.

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