Jonah Sunday School Lesson

The Story of Jonah

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The Lord spoke to Jonah and told him that he must go to Nineveh.  Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh, because it was full of sin and very cruel,with very naughty people.

So Jonah loved God, but decided to go as far from Nineveh as he could, so that God could not find him. He climbed onto a ship that was on its way to a big city. 

Jonah thought that he could hide from God, but nobody can run away from God. Jonah soon fell asleep on the ship, but God knew where he was hiding.

In the mean time, the sea became rougher and rougher and the people on board of the ship started crying out to their own gods, because they were afraid. 

They decided to cast lots, to find out who had brought this evil upon them and the lot fell upon Jonah. The people asked him many questions and Jonah was willing to be thrown overboard, but they did not want to do so, until the waves of the sea got bigger and bigger. 

Jonah knew in his heart that he was the cause of the rough seas because of his disobedience to God. He did not want to listen to what God told him to do. 

As soon as he was thrown into the sea, the sea became calm and a great big fish swallowed him.  

Inside the whale’s stomach, there was enough air for Jonah to breath. He stayed in the fish’s stomach for three days and three nights. Inside of the big fish’s stomach it was dark, slimy, smelly and hot. 

Jonah prayed to God and told him that he was sorry that he did not listen and asked God to forgive him.  God heard Jonah’s prayer and spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land. 

Jonah was very happy to be out of the whale and decided immediately, to do what God had told him to do and that is to go to Nineveh.

When Jonah arrived at Nineveh, he told the people what had happened to him and many of the people believed him and repented of their sins. This is why we must always listen to when God speaks to us.

Jonah Sunday School Lesson Questions

The follow questions were put forward to the children.

1) What do you think it means to be sorry?


To recognize that you have done wrong and to ask God for forgiveness.

2) How many days was Jonah in the stomach of the great fish.


For 3 days and 3 nights.

3) Who can remember what it was like in the stomach of the great whale?


It was dark, slimy, smelly and hot. 

Words for the Day

Lots - In the modern terms it means to throw a coin up in the air and ask heads or    tails?  If you choose heads and the penny falls on tails then you lose the bet.

Disobedience – Means not to listen to your Mommy and Daddy or your teacher. (naughty )

Sunday School Activities

With each Sunday school lesson, I try to give the kids special verses, activities and pictures to color in. 

Below you will find the download links for the special verse of the day and more. 

Please feel free to use them as you like for personal use in your own Sunday school classes. 

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The Verses of the day:

Jonah 2: 9

“But I will sacrifice to You with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pray what I have vowed. Salvation is the Lord.”

Jonah 2: 10

So the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

Jonah 2: 1

Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from the fish’s belly.

Jonah 1: 17

Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

Sunday School Memory Verses

I drew these pictures so that you could add your own verses to them for the day.

Color the edgings with marker pens and a little bit of glitter. You can hand them out to the children to take home as bible verses for the day, even better if each child has a separate book, they can paste it into their own book.

How to Apply Wording in White Space of Picture.

1) On adobe reader, select sign.

2) Select add text.

3) Type in verse or wording.

4) Select file and save as.


Jonah 2: 9

Salvation is of the Lord.


Jonah 2:10

And the Lord spoke unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.

jonah verse pictures
Right-click to download Jonah Verse picture.


Jonah Coloring Pages

Right-click to download Jonah coloring pages 1.

jonah coloring pages, jonah and the fish, jonah coloring in pages, sunday school coloring pages
Right-click to download Jonah coloring page 2.

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Making The Fish for Jonah Sunday School Lesson

Right-click to download pattern 1.

Right-click to download pattern 2.

Right-click to download pattern 3.

making a fish, making jonahs fish


Part A.

Which consist of tail, fin on back and fin under tummy. Small egg shape circle can be cut out of cardboard, so that the base is firm. The two parts of fins get glued together to make one fin. You do this for the tail, back and tummy. Paste on small round disc as seen on video. This portion A is best for the teacher to do at home because it has to stand for a while to dry. These will then be handed out to the children; the rest of the work will be done with prit (glue). When the work is done by the children, a little glitter can be applied to the fish. Puncture a hole on the top fin and thread a piece of string through it. The child can hang it up at home.

Part B.

If you check your pattern, there are dots to indicate which step you are on. When cutting your pattern, add the dots to it, it will help you along the way. Place the dots in such a way that they won’t be visible when you lay out the pieces on your fish. Have great fun.


About Our Lessons

Dear Sunday school partners, all around the world. Please refer to your Bible and compare to see if you agree with our children Sunday school lessons. 

The stories are not word for word out of the Bible, they are created from my own thoughts. I am only human, so please check the stories out first before using them. 

These stories are based on easy words for children to understand, and my own thoughts. You are welcome to use your Bible to add or take away. At the bottom, there is space for you to give input and comments on the subjects. You are all welcome. We are there to make a difference in a child’s life so please come and let us work together for God’s kingdom.

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