Jesus comes to Jerusalem as a King.

On the outside of Jerusalem, Jesus spoke to two of his disciples. ”Go ahead of us.” He said. ”At the end of the next town, you will find a donkey and untie him. Bring it to me and, if anyone asks you why you are taking it, tell them that the Lord sent you and that I will return it to them.”

The men found the donkey, and untied him and threw their cloaks over its back and Jesus got onto the donkey. When the people realized that Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem, they came out to greet Him. Some threw their cloaks down in front of him, as He rode along, while others cut branches from the palm trees and spread them on the road to honor the King.

The crowds which included children, were walking in front of Jesus and those walking behind began to shout,   “ Hosanna! ”, "Hosanna! " 

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

 “Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!”

“Hosanna in the highest heaven!” 

On entering Jerusalem, Jesus went straight to the temple. He found it full of men buying and selling doves. Jesus overturned the tables of the money-changes and the stools of those who sold pigeons. Others were exchanging money for different things.

Jesus was furious and began to drive them out. " How dare you turn my Father's house into a market place!"  ”This is a place of prayer, ”he cried, ”and you have made it a hideout for thieves!”. 

After this, the blind and the crippled came to  Jesus in the temple, and He healed them. The chief priest heard of what had taken place and they were very angry. The priests saw Him as a real threat to their power and they were more determined to have Jesus killed, than before.


With each Sunday school lesson, I try to give the kids special verses, activities and pictures to color in. Below you will find the download links for the special verse of the day and more. Please feel free to use them as you like for personal use in your own Sunday school classes. The wording and any images on this website are not to be sold or reproduced in any publications online or offline. I drew these pictures so that you could add your own verses to them for the day. Color the edgings with marker pens and a little bit of glitter. You can hand them out to the children to take home as bible verses for the day, even better if each child has a separate book, they can paste it into their own book.  How to Apply Wording in White Space of Picture1) On adobe reader, select sign  2) Select add text. 3) Type in verse or wording. 4) Select file and save as.

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The Verses of the day.

Matthew 21:1

As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives,  Jesus sent two disciples,

Matthew 21:4

This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet.

Matthew 21:5

“Say to Daughter Zion,

    ‘See, your king comes to you,

gentle and riding on a donkey,

    and on a colt, the foal of a donkey."

palm tree leaves, jesus coloring pages
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Questions and Answers.

Q.   What did Jesus ask the two disciples to do?

A.   To go into the next town and untie a donkey and bring it to him.

Q.   What did the crowds do when they saw Jesus ?

A.  They threw down their cloaks in front of him and others spread palm branches in in his path.

Q.  What were the people doing in the temple ?

A.  Selling doves and exchanging money.

Q.  Was Jesus happy with what they were doing ?

A.  No, He was very unhappy and cried out, " This is a place of prayer, and you have made it a hideout for thieves !"

The Moral of the Story.

We should honor and respect God and give him all praise. We must also teach our children how to praise and worship God freely. Through praise and worship we find inner healing and peace of mind and spirit.

The Meaning of the words.

Hosanna - Salvation is coming!

Stools - chairs.

Furious - to be very angry.

Coloring pictures where Jesus is made a King.

jesus in jerusalem, palm tree leaves jesus, jesus on the donkey
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palm tree leaves
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jesus in jerusalem, palm tree leaves jesus, jesus on the donkey
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Craft ~ Is illustrated on movie as below.

worship craft, praise craft, jerusalem craft, hand craft,
sunday school art crafts 2015. Ann Hewson

Material Needed.

Pen, plans on web site, polystyrene blocks, lint, colored markers, scissors, sasartie stick, crochet needle, cotton, glue (pritt), colored cardboard, ruler and paper clips.

About Our Lessons

Dear Sunday school partners, all around the world. Please refer to your Bible and compare to see if you agree with our children Sunday school lessons. 

The stories are not word for word out of the Bible, they are created from my own thoughts. I am only human, so please check the stories out first before using them. 

These stories are based on easy words for children to understand, and my own thoughts. You are welcome to use your Bible to add or take away. At the bottom, there is space for you to give input and comments on the subjects. You are all welcome. We are there to make a difference in a child’s life so please come and let us work together for God’s kingdom.

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