A bundle of joy

by Ann Hewson
(South Africa)

I remember at the age of 15, my Mom telling me that she was pregnant. Mom was 36 and Dad was 51. Dad walked around with a big smile on his face for many years and Mom was in shock for at least 4 months. She had just opened a hair dressing salon, and did not know if she would be able to run the salon and have a baby. Well, she did not have a choice; baby came into the world, a beautiful girl and a bundle of joy to all of us.

Mom named her Susan Elizabeth. This gift that God brought into our lives gave us so much joy that we would not want it any different. Thank you Lord for my two sisters, I love them both.

So my thoughts are about Sarah, she thought it must be a joke, she thought it cannot be possible, but I do believe that her son Isaac (the son of promise) was loved by them all. So just remember, my sister and brothers in Christ, that all things are possible with God. Let us be grateful for the gifts God gives us. And enjoy the love it brings in our lives.

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Apr 10, 2014
by: Susan

I was blessed, blessed to be born into such an amazing, supportive and loving family. We all have issues and challenges in life, but I can honestly say, if it was not for my families support and love I would not have been able to overcome these.

God not only blessed them, but God surely blessed me. They have shown and taught me how to believe, trust and love God.

I will be eternally grateful, love you guys.

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