Hannah asks God for a Child

There was a big festival at the temple of the Lord and everyone would celebrate all that God did for them. They would thank God for their crops and everything God gave them and give sacrifices to God to show how thankful they were.

This sometimes made Hannah very sad because she wanted so badly to be thankful, but was discouraged because she couldn't have a child.  In her heart she was very sad. Hannah’s husband who was a loving man knew her heart, and tried his best to make her feel better by loving her unconditionally, but nothing seemed to work.

One evening Hannah decided to go to the temple to pray to God. This is the only thing that she could think of doing in this situation. 

When Hannah prayed she was very honest about how she was feeling.  She sometimes cried a lot and probably felt like God had forgotten her. While she was praying, she promised God, "Dear God, if you would only look and see how sad I am and remember me, please give me a son.  If you would do that for me, I will dedicate my son to you for his whole life."

As Hannah was praying there was a man named Eli, a priest, who was sitting nearby and saw her.  While Hannah was praying she was praying to herself, her lips were moving, but Eli couldn't hear her say anything. Eli thought she was drunk, but she said that she has poured out her soul before the Lord.

Eli realized that Hannah was being very honest and truthful with God and he said to her, "Go in peace and may God answer your prayer."  After that Hannah left and she felt much better because she had talked to God about what bothered her.  Early the next morning she even went to worship God before she went home.

Exciting news happened for Hannah (God remembered Hannah’s prayers a while later a great thing happened.  (Because God doesn't forget any of us) and gave her a son, and she named him Samuel.

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1 Samuel 1: 20

So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son, and called his name Samuel, saying: “Because I have asked him from the Lord.”

1 Samuel 1: 27

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.

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The Moral of the Story

We need to set time aside to pray to God. God wants to help us. Why? Because He loves us. Helping others instead of criticizing, teasing and judging others. God expects us to be better than that. We also need to keep to our promises in life.

Meaning of Words

Festival - It is a celebration.

Unconditional love - You will love them no matter what they do.

Discouraged - to try to prevent it from happening.

Questions and Answers

Q. What was Hannah’s wish?

A. To have a child.

Q. What did she promise God?

A. She promised God to give the child to the Lord.

Q. What was Hannah sons name?

A. Samuel.

Hannah asks God for a Child
Coloring Page

hannah coloring pages, hannah coloring pages
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Hannah asks God for a Child 
Sunday School Craft

Wording for Hannah's heart craft

Hannah prayed and said, my heart exults and triumphs In the Lord; my horn (my strength) is lifted up in the Lord, My mouth is no longer silent, for it is open wide over my enemies, because I rejoice in my salvation.

There is none holy like the Lord, there is none besides you; there is no rock like 

our God. Hannah wanted a child of her own, but she put her feelings aside, and praised and worshipped God and told God how much she loved Him.

God saw Hannah's heart and granted her a child, she never lost hope, but had faith that our Father would give her a child.

hannah craft

Material Needed for Hannah’s Heart.

Plans on web site, a scissors, a punch, colorful ribbon, pritt (glue), black and red cardboard paper, black marker, ruler, hair drier (optional), glitter glue and ear bud.

Step by step video is below...

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